we had an apartment complex in east ft worth, near the ballpark in Arlington, burn to the ground. We hired 2 x 4 framing to do the wood framing. They did outstanding work. I highly recommend them.

Jim D, Ft worth texas

2 x 4 framing has done a lot of framing for our company. They have done both commercial and residential and we've had no troubles with them or their services

Michael R., Dallas Texas

I have been an architect for 25 years. I graduated from UTA. I have recommended 2 x 4 framing on several jobs. They always get it done

Patrcik s., Arlington texas

We had burned through several framing crews for a new build in san Antonio before coming across 2 x 4 framing. We were in the process of building a Polo Tropicana. We used them and some other crews together at the beginning. By the end, 2 x 4 framing was all we had left.

Byron M, San anotio

We were a bit nervous about bringing an out of town crew to do work. Against our normal policy, we brought 2 x 4 framing to do some residential framing jobs. Other than the weather being a massive issue, those guys performed.

Clark L, Kansas City, Mo

We used 2 x 4 framing on a new series of residential houses. The bids we got from other framers were quit a bit higher, so we chose 2 x 4 framing. We couldn't be happier

Jordan T, Austin Texas

As GC's we have always found it hard to find good framers. They come and they go. Until we were turned onto 2 x 4 framing. They helped us a ton.

Seth C, Jackson Miss